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WorksRight Software, Inc. announces the availability of Z4 LAT/LON a new Geocoding solution for the IBM iSeries (AS/400, i5). Geocoding is a process that assigns a latitude/longitude coordinate to an address. Latitude/longitude coordinates provided by Z4 LAT/LON are actually for the address's ZIP+4 value. Once the latitude/longitude coordinate is assigned, an address can be located on a map, used as input for distance calculations, and/or associated with other known geographic areas like Census Tracts, Census Block Groups, MSA's, Time Zones, etc.

Z4 LAT/LON is offered as an optional add-on product to WorksRight's popular PER/ZIP4 CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System) software. PER/ZIP4 matches addresses to the national ZIP + 4 Postal database. This matching process allows ZIP™ Codes, ZIP + 4's, and other mailing information to be verified, corrected, and updated.

Once an address has been processed by PER/ZIP4 and the correct Zip+4 has been assigned, Z4 LAT/LON can be accessed to provide the following information:

  • FIPS(Federal Information Processing Standards) State
  • State Abbreviation
  • FIPS County Code
  • County Name
  • Latitude and Longitude (Zip Code Centroids in WGS 84 Format)
  • 2010 Census MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) Code
  • 2010 Census Tract
  • 2010 Census Block Group
  • Current MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) Code
  • Current Micropolitan Statistical Area Code
  • Current Metropolitan Division Code
  • Current Consolidated Statistical Area Code
  • Time Zone
  • Telephone Area Codes

In addition to providing valuable geographic data for your addresses, Z4 LAT/LON also provides a sophisticated Nearest Dealer Locator function and an advanced distance calculator. Distances can be calculated between Zip Codes or between known latitude/longitude coordinates. Distances are provided in statute miles, kilometers, and nautical miles.

All three functions of Z4 LAT/LON - the provision of geocoding data, the Nearest Dealer Locator function, and distance calculations - are supported by both an interactive user interface and a callable program or API interface.

The cost for a one-year subscription to Z4 LAT/LON is $1,495. The cost for additional years is $1,495 per year.

WorksRight Software, Inc. provides monthly updates, and unlimited software support. We offer a 30-day no hassle, free trial offer on all our software products. Try them before you make your decision

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