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Winner of a 2001 Midrange Technology Showcase Product Excellence Award

The ZIP/CITY system consists of software and data to provide all the ZIP Codes in the United States, matching city names, city abbreviations, state names, state codes, county names, county FIPS codes, area codes, MSA codes, and latitude/longitude information.

Another feature is a country name file. We provide a file of countries of the world with programs for browsing and selecting country names. This is a very useful tool to insure correct spelling in your files. Telephone codes are included.

Our newest feature is the addition of MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) codes. Programs are provided to retrieve the MSA code, if any, for a given ZIP code. Programs also allow for browsing the MSA file, and selection of ZIP Codes within an MSA.

In addition, ZIP/CITY includes software to maintain area codes and apply new area codes to customer phone numbers as new area codes are introduced. ZIP/CITY comes to you with data for all the area code changes that have taken place in the last eighteen months. Each monthly update brings information about new area code changes.

ZIP/CITY also includes new overlay area codes. Overlays have been introduced in areas such as Atlanta, GA and Saint Petersburg, FL so that two area codes occupy the same geographic area.

A nearest dealer locator feature allows you to locate the dealers nearest your customer based on the latitude/longitude of the dealer's ZIP Code and the customer's ZIP Code. This feature allows you to locate the ten nearest dealers. The nearest dealer locator function is available as a menu option or as a callable program.

A distance calculation program is included that calculates the air-line distance between two ZIP Codes. The distance is calculated based on the average latitude/longitude of the post office serving the specified ZIP Code.

Selection options are offered so that you may select ZIP Codes based on distance, city, county, state, or area codes. The selected ZIP Codes are placed in a selection file. Once selected, the ZIP Codes can be used as "finder" records for any other user-written application program.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Standard postal abbreviations for city names
  • Time zone by ZIP Code
  • Improve customer service
  • Standardize database information
  • Reduce data entry effort
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Add missing information to your files

All of the features of ZIP/CITY are available by using menu options or by using callable programs. Callable programs are provided to access all of the data provided with the ZIP/CITY system. There is no need for you to write programs to access the data. No programming is required unless you wish to use the callable programs. Sample source code is provided to aid you in implementing the ZIP/CITY callable programs.

Callable programs are provided to do these and many other functions:

  • Retrieve city name and state by ZIP Code
  • Retrieve county name and county FIPS code by ZIP Code
  • Retrieve area code and time zone by ZIP Code
  • Retrieve all ZIP Codes within a city
  • Calculate the air-line distance between two ZIP Codes
  • Select a ZIP Code from a city state list
  • And many others

We provide monthly updates and unlimited phone support. Monthly updates include the latest information about new ZIP Codes, area codes, and area code changes.

The cost for ZIP/CITY is $845.00 per year. There is no extra charge for the monthly updates. We offer a 30-day, no-hassle free trial. Just contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail and we will do the rest. Orders are shipped by US Postal Service Priority Mail and usually arrive in 2 or 3 working days.

If you need to add ZIP+4, carrier routes, or delivery points to your address records, check out our PER/ZIP4 CASS Certified postal coding software.

ZIP/CITY Callable Programs

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