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USPS Cass CertifiedPER/ZIP4 is a CASS certified postal coding software system for coding 5-digit and 4-digit ZIP Codes. PER/ZIP4 also standardizes addresses and optionally adds carrier route and/or delivery point codes. PER/ZIP4 matches addresses to the US Postal Service national ZIP+4 database. Based on the match, a ZIP Code, ZIP+4, delivery point, and carrier route are assigned.

CASS certification of a mailing file results when PER/ZIP4 is used for a batch update of an entire file. In the batch update process, records are updated for the correct ZIP Code information and addresses are standardized. The records in the file are updated "in place" without the use of a work file.

A postal form 3553 is produced from each CASS run. Optionally you can print reports of "before" and "after" updated records along with exceptions. Five different kinds of reports can be printed in addition to the postal form 3553.

After your mailing addresses have been CASS certified, you can barcode your outgoing mail with the POSTNET barcode for further postage savings and faster delivery. The postal service has a goal of automating mail delivery and the POSTNET barcode is an important part of that plan. Automated mail is delivered faster and at less cost to the mailer and to the Postal Service.

PER/ZIP4 can also be used as part of interactive data entry to validate addresses as they are being entered. We provide callable programs so that address validation can be added to any of your application programs. We also provide sample source code to aid you in adding PER/ZIP4 to your programs.

Use of PER/ZIP4 provides multiple benefits. With proper mail preparation, you can qualify for significant discounts. Although the original purpose of PER/ZIP4 was to provide CASS certification for postage discounts, it also provides a very significant benefit in address verification. Addresses which can't be matched to the postal database are potentially undeliverable and therefore very costly.

Using PER/ZIP4 to identify undeliverable addresses reduces costs in several ways. No money is wasted on the original postage, printing, or handling costs. Money is also saved by reducing the volume of returned mail and the costs associated with handling the returned mail.

Any of your mailing files can be processed by PER/ZIP4. It can be used on any file with a mailing address, city, and state. PER/ZIP4 can be used with SYSTEM/36 environment or native iSeries (AS/400) files. It does not matter if the files are program or DDS described. Files are updated "in place"; there is no need to create a special work file.

The cost for PER/ZIP4 is $6,500 for a one-year subscription for unlimited use on a single iSeries (AS/400). Discounts are available for multiple iSeries (AS/400)'s. Subsequent years cost $3,250. This price includes monthly updates and unlimited telephone support. There are no other costs.

We offer a 30-day, no-hassle, free trial of PER/ZIP4 so you can prove to yourself its value and benefits to your organization. The free trial is for unlimited use on your iSeries (AS/400). We encourage you to "clean up" all your files and use PER/ZIP4 as much as possible. We are sure you will be extremely happy with the way PER/ZIP4 enhances your mailing operations.

Here are links to vendors with interfaces to PER/ZIP4.

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