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PER/SORT mailing presort software is a companion product to PER/ZIP4, our CASS certified postal coding software. PER/SORT is used to sort mailing files into the correct sequence, and produce mailing reports for discounted mailings. Your original files are unchanged. PER/SORT produces a duplicate of your original file sorted into the correct sequence with the presort information added to the end of each record. The sorted file can then be processed by any of your regular mailing applications.

PER/SORT meets all current US Postal Service requirements for presorting mailing files. For each presort job you run, supporting reports and documents will be produced to comply with postal regulations. Facsimiles of postal forms are produced as needed.

PER/SORT is intended to be used in conjunction with your other application software to aid you in producing invoices, statements, letters, or whatever your business requires.

PER/SORT can be used for First-Class, Periodical Class, and Standard mail. Regular, nonprofit, automated, nonautomated, carrier route, and noncarrier route are all supported.

We offer a 30-day, no-hassle, free trial. We will send a complete PER/SORT package for you to load on your own iSeries (AS/400). You have unlimited use of PER/SORT for 30 days so you can feel confident that PER/SORT will meet all your presort mailing needs.

PER/SORT includes all the mailing categories listed below. Other vendors may charge you for each mailing class and category. We include all classes for a single price. The cost for PER/SORT is $6,500 for a one-year license, which includes software, carrier route database, monthly updates and unlimited support. The renewal cost for subsequent years is $3,250. Each license allows unlimited use on a single IBM System i5, iSeries, or AS/400.

PER/SORT Supports the Following Classes and Options:

  • First-Class Automation Letters/Cards
  • First-Class Nonautomation Letters/Cards
  • First-Class Nonautomation Upgradable Letters/Cards
  • First-Class Automation Flats
  • First-Class Nonautomation Flats
  • First-Class Parcels
  • Periodicals Automation Letters
  • Periodicals Nonautomation Letters
  • Periodicals Automation Flats
  • Periodicals Nonautomation Flats
  • Standard Mail Automation Letters
  • Standard Mail Nonautomation Letters
  • Standard Mail Nonautomation Upgradable Letters
  • Standard Mail Automation Flats
  • Standard Mail Nonautomation Flats
  • Standard Mail Automation Enhanced Carrier Route
  • Standard Mail Nonautomation Enhanced Carrier Route Letters
  • Standard Mail Nonautomation Enhanced Carrier Route Flats
  • Standard Mail Irregular Parcels
  • USPS Qualification Report
  • Job Setup/Parameter Report
  • Barcoded Tray and Sack Tags
  • Nonbarcoded Tray and Sack Tags
  • Additional User Documentation
  • Destination Rates
  • Auto Carrier Route Direct Containers
  • Auto 5-Digit Carrier Route Containers
  • Auto 3-Digit Carrier Route Containers
  • 5-Digit Scheme Trays
  • Line of Travel Sequencing
  • Enhanced Carrier Route-High Density
  • Enhanced Carrier Route Saturation
  • Enhanced Carrier Route Direct Containers
  • Enhanced Carrier Route 5-Digit Containers
  • Enhanced Carrier Route 3-Digit Containers
  • Periodicals-in-County Rate
  • Periodicals-Zone Summary Report
  • Periodicals-Optional 6 Piece Containers
  • PS Form 3541-N
  • PS Form 3541-NC
  • PS Form 3541-R
  • PS Form 3600-R
  • PS Form 3600-P
  • PS Form 3602-N
  • PS Form 3602-R
  • PS Form 3602-PR
  • PS Form 3602-PN
  • EMM Trays

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