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New CASS Requirements Announced

The U. S Postal Service has announced that beginning with the 2007-2008 CASS cycle, DPV (Delivery Point Validation) and LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System)Link processing will both be required for CASS processing.

Delivery Point Validation

WorksRight Software, Inc. currently offers DPV processing via PER/DPV an optional add-on product for PER/ZIP4. PER/DPV utilizes USPS DPV data and technology to determine whether or not a specific address is a valid delivery point for mail. DPV processing provides the answer to the question “Does the USPS deliver mail to this address?”

Under current rules, a ZIP+4 and delivery point code can be assigned even if the address being processed will not DPV confirm. Current CASS standards allow software to match to a range record such as: 101 to 199 MAIN ST. Thus CASS will accept 109 MAIN ST as a valid address even though 109 MAIN ST may be an unoccupied building, a vacant lot, or an otherwise undeliverable address.

Under the new requirements, a ZIP+4 and delivery point cannot be assigned to an address that will not DPV confirm. The requirements place a greater burden on mailers to investigate CASS coding errors. It will be much more important and beneficial to verify addresses as they are being entered. In the long run it will prove less burdensome to “fix” bad addresses at data entry time, than fix them later when they show up as CASS errors.

The USPS estimates that 5 to 8 percent of addresses that currently can be matched in CASS are “less than perfect”. The thinking has been that even if an address isn’t perfect, the mail piece will be delivered because once it gets to the local carrier, he or she will be able to deliver it to the correct person.

LACSLink Processing

WorksRight Software, Inc. currently offers LACSLink processing via PER/LLK which is also an optional add-on product for PER/ZIP4. PER/LLK is a LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) Link interface that utilizes the United States Postal Service’s LACSLink data and technology.

Since the mid 1980s, the Enhanced 911 emergency response system has required the conversion of rural route-style addresses to city-style street names across the country. E-911 automatically associates a physical address with the telephone number from which an emergency call is made so that authorities can respond faster.

LACSLink data and technology enables mailers to automatically update their rural-style addresses with new, locatable city-style addresses in areas that are conducting E-911 emergency response address conversions. The LACSLink data currently contains over five million converted addresses. The LACSLink technology maintains the privacy and security of the data while allowing the access needed to convert outdated addresses.

The latest version of PER/LLK is already included with every PER/ZIP4 update at no additional cost. The installation and use of PER/LLK for the current (2006-2007) CASS cycle is optional.


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